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Why Galloway

Why Galloway

Converting our herd from continental breeds to Galloway cattle has made a genuine difference to reducing our costs and increasing profitability on our farm.

We have experienced reductions in time and management requirements and variable costs.

We believe that whether you are looking to use the Galloway as a breeding cow (pure or crossed) or as a cross beef animal you will definitely benefit from:

  • No dehorning
  • Good feet
  • Easy calving
  • Instinctive mothers
  • Excellent milk production
  • Wintering outdoors
  • Reduced feed costs
  • Quality eating – texture and taste
  • Crossed with continental – R3 and above grades - Cheeky Vimto won champion at Smithfield 2013 & 2014

For more benefits take a look at the Galloway Cattle Society website

The Bigger Picture

Taste & Flavour

Sometimes it is easy to forget why we produce beef, who our customers really are and what they want!

We rear our pedigree Galloway steers and sell the beef directly to local butchers. Our customers want to experience the real taste and flavour of traditional beef and the Galloway provides the perfect product.

What makes our beef so special?

We understand that producing the finest quality beef takes time and during every part of the journey skill and expertise are required. From the care and dedicated stockmanship required to nurture the pedigree herd, to the skill of the butcher to ensure the meat is treated with the same care through the maturing process.

We are very proud to have been awarded a 2 Star Gold - Great Taste Award for our Traditional Beef