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Breeders Info

Breeder's Info

Available - Isle of Man and UK

We endeavour to ensure we provide our customers with the quality that will meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for replacement heifers to breed as pedigree or to cross breed or are planning a new nucleus herd, you are welcome to talk to us directly or visit us here on the Isle of Man.

Klondyke Powerplay (BR00026)

To date Powerplay has sired 68hiefers which have been retained for breeding.

Sire : Klondyke Livewire (M2222)

UK582317-601538 22/09/2003

Dam : Klondyke Whacko (F41848)

UK582317-101059 29/03/2003

Barlaes Kansas (BR00293)

New stock bull - Barlaes Kansas -purchased in 2012 - One of the first bulls to be sired by Barack Obama of Fingland - Champion Male Castle Douglas 2009 - Sold for 10,500.00 Gns.

Sire: Barack Obama of Fingland (M2377)


Dam: Barlaes Grace 61st (F44025)


Blackcraig Volume (BR00512)

Purchased privately from John Findley - Blackcraig

Sire: Diamond B Universe 97U (Canada)

Dam: Blackcraig Joan (S374)